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Irish Tower engineers with over 50 collective years of wireless experience are licensed to provide professional engineering services in 43 states. Multiple levels of quality control ensures our timely delivery of accurate decision making tools for our clients.

Architectural and Engineering Services Our experienced solution of professional project management, exacting field measurements and efficient CAD technicians result in top quality finished product delivered quickly and accurately. Services Provided:

  • Site walks
  • Lease Exhibits
  • Zoning Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Site Audits
  • Tower and Mount Mapping

Tower and Mount Analysis With in-house tower and mount mapping personnel as well as engineers with over 50 years of industry experience Irish Tower can provide our industry’s fastest and most accurate turnaround times. In the past two years Irish Tower has provided over 9000 analysis reports/letters used by our client to make critical development decisions.

Mapping, Inspection and Audit Services Irish Tower certified climbers and construction experienced ground technicians combine with our quality control oriented Project Managers to provide fast efficient turnaround on mapping, inspection and site audit services.